Eboshi Resort


Enjoy Eboshi Resort, packed with attractions!!

Eboshi is a round-the-year resort!
Here’s an introduction to all the different ways you can enjoy the attractions of Eboshi Resort.

You can have fun through all four seasons!

Though famed as a ski resort, the allure of Eboshi is not just limited to the winter!
There is a wide range of leisure activities available through the year.

  • winter

    Enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

    With its powder snow ski slopes, there is a full range of courses ideally suited to skiers and snowboarders of all levels, from beginners through to accomplished enthusiasts.

  • spring

    Enjoy the blooming flowers of spring

    Over 30 varieties of around 500,000 yellow and white daffodils spread as far as you can see across the ski slopes that were covered in snow in the winter. How about a walk viewing nature?

  • summer

    Enjoy star-studded skies.

    Another popular feature is the “sky walk” in which you can ride on the gondola lift to the viewing deck located at 1,100m above sea level, and gain a panorama of the starry skies.

  • autumn

    Enjoy the autumnal tints and imoni (taro hotpot)

    Everyone can enjoy the famous Tohoku delicacy of imoni. the taro potato and pork hotpot, while taking in the vibrant colors of the autumn leaves.

    The Japanese summer favorites of nagashi somen (catching fine white noodles as they are poured down a bamboo chute) and barbecues can be enjoyed.
    Both small and large group parties can be catered for.

You can thoroughly enjoy yourself even if you come empty-handed or are a first-time visitor!

From April to November, the imoni and barbecue facilities are equipped with sets of food to cook and cooking utensils, so you don’t have to prepare anything yourself.
From December to March, ski and snowboarding wear and snowboards are available for rental, so those who don’t have their own equipment can just turn up and have fun.

Enjoy a feast in the delicious restaurant!

The cuisine at Eboshi Resort is delicious! Here’s a quick guide to some of our recommended dishes.

  • Kama katsudon

    Kama katsudon

    The shape of the pot was suggested by the shape of Okama Crater on Mount Zao. Inside it you will find juicy pork cutlets in fried breadcrumbs on a bed of rice!

  • Curry with as many toppings as you want.

    Curry with as many toppings as you want.

    This is an original curry on top of which you can pile up as much as you like from a range of tasty toppings that are changed every day.

  • JAPAN X Butadon

    JAPAN X Butadon

    JAPAN X is the brand name of the pork produced exclusively in the foothills of Miyagi’s Mount Zao. This dish provides a generous helping for you to try the flavor of the pork.

See here for more about meals:

Please note in advance that meals are not provided from April to November

There is a huge variety of sightseeing spots in the vicinity!

Miyagi Prefecture's Zao Town, where Eboshi Resort is located, is full of attractive locations including hot springs and pastureland where you can enjoy Mount Zao all day long.

  • Okama Crater Lake on Mount Zao

    Okama Crater Lake on Mount Zao

    The circular crater lake that is the caldera of the active volcano spreads across three mountains and is a presence symbolic of Zao.

  • Togatta Hot Spring

    Togatta Hot Spring

    This is a hot spring district with a history going back over 400 years. You can find accommodation here, as well as ashiyu hot spring footbaths where you can enjoy refreshing your legs.

  • Zao Dairy Center

    Zao Dairy Center

    Here you can encounter various animals such as sheep, and try your hand at making cheese and other dairy products.

  • Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Kan

    Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Kan

    The Kokeshi Kan is dedicated to exhibiting “kokeshi,” the traditional wooden dolls of Tohoku. Visitors can also have a go at decorating the dolls with paint.

Easily accessible from Sendai City, the heart of Tohoku!

If you are visiting by car, Eboshi Resort is easily accessed, being a drive of around 60 minutes from Sendai Station and around 30 minutes from the Murata Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway.
The roads leading to Eboshi Resort are equipped with a snowmelt system that thaws snow on the road surface, and enables you to reach us without worrying about snowy roads.

From December to March, a number of direct buses to the resort are operated.

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